An enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL.


Slot Version Repository Platforms
0 10.4.12 net ~amd64 arm? ~armv7 ~armv8 x86?
10.3.22 net ~amd64 arm? ~armv7 ~armv8 x86?
10.2.31 net ~amd64 arm? ~armv7 ~armv8 x86?




debug Enable debugging features or make debugging easier
embedded-server A full-featured MariaDB server that can be linked to a client application
jdbc Compile CONNECT storage engine with JDBC support
kerberos Adds Kerberos support
lz4 Use LZ4 compression for some storage engines
systemd Compile with systemd socket activation and notification
tcpd Adds support for TCP wrappers (allowing or denying specific TCP connections with file entries)
tokudb Build the TokuDB high-performance storage engine
zstd Use Zstandard compression for some storage engines


heimdal Use Heimdal Kerberos 5 as the Kerberos provider
krb5 Use MIT Kerberos 5 as the Kerberos provider
libressl Use LibreSSL as the SSL provider
openssl Use OpenSSL as the SSL provider


s6-rc Adds service definitions for sys-apps/s6