A family of powerful x86 virtualization products.


Slot Version Repository Platforms
0 6.0.8 SuperHeron-misc ~amd64 arm? armv7? armv8? x86?




X Adds support for X11
additions Installs Guest Additions ISO
alsa Adds support for ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture)
dbus Enable dbus support for anything that needs it (gpsd, gnomemeeting, etc)
device-mapper Installs VBoxVolInfo, dependent of libdevmapper
extensions Install Extension Pack (binary)
opengl Adds support for OpenGL (3D graphics)
pulseaudio Adds support for PulseAudio sound server
python Adds support/bindings for the Python language
qt5 Adds support for the Qt GUI/Application Toolkit version 5.x
system-kbuild Use system kBuild instead of bundled copy
truetype Adds support for FreeType and/or FreeType2 fonts
vnc Builds VNC server
vpx Use libvpx for video capture
webservice Builds VBoxWebSrv
wine Builds wine support


libressl Use LibreSSL as the SSL provider
openssl Use OpenSSL as the SSL provider


2.7 Use Python ABI 2.7
3.5 Use Python ABI 3.5
3.6 Use Python ABI 3.6
3.7 Use Python ABI 3.7