app-virtualization/docker-compose Multi-container orchestration for Docker
app-virtualization/docker-credential-helpers A suite of programs to use native stores to keep Docker credentials safe
app-virtualization/exherbo-vm-utils Tools for creating Exherbo virtual machine images
app-virtualization/gnome-boxes A simple GNOME 3 application to access remote or virtual systems
app-virtualization/lxc Userspace tools for Linux Containers (lxc)
app-virtualization/moby ship and run any application as a lightweight container
app-virtualization/qemu Generic F/OSS machine emulator and virtualizer
app-virtualization/seabios Open source implementation of a 16bit X86 BIOS
app-virtualization/uml_utilities Tools for use with User-Mode Linux virtual machines
app-virtualization/virtualbox-bin x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization software
app-virtualization/virtualbox-ose A family of powerful x86 virtualization products


gnome Gnome packages (core)
virtualization Virtualization packages (core)
SuperHeron-misc SuperHeron's miscellaneous exhereses (third-party)
replica Replica's repository of miscellaneous exhereses (dev)