Or, "Statically Updated Metadata Manifestation for Exherbo Repositories".

This is currently extremely crude. Patches encouraged.

Wish list:


* Better deps display

* Links to git logs etc.

* Repo homepage should be a URI thing.

* Repo mask information

* Add in licences, and links to licences.

* Refactor some of the fairly common make / add methods into modules.

* Bug search URLs

* Link to the category from package pages.

* Track QA issues
 - Non-existant licences
 - Empty SUMMARY
 - Empty option descriptions
 - Suboptions that aren't suboptions (e.g. platform:x86 in MYOPTIONS)
 - Dependencies that don't exist (people should use ::unwritten)
 - RESTRICT values that don't exist
 - Patches that aren't either format-patches or has our patch headers
 - DOWNLOADS pulling from gitweb
 - Packages in multiple repositories

* Show repository-defined sets.

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