path: root/src/clients/cave/cmd_print_packages.cc
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2017-01-16paludis: c++11-ify repository iterationAvatar Saleem Abdulrasool -6/+4
2016-08-04modernize: use override annotationsAvatar Saleem Abdulrasool -3/+3
2011-03-26Use Environment rather than PackageDatabaseAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -2/+2
2011-03-12Make command importance an enumAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+6
2011-02-28Allow repos to return partial results if fasterAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -2/+2
2010-08-09cave print-packages --repository --categoryAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+23
2010-07-22Use std::make_shared<>Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -2/+1
2010-07-22No more tr1:: and tr1/Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -5/+5
2008-11-20Add --help option to cave print-owners and cave print-packages.Avatar Alexander Færøy -0/+6
2008-11-19Add cave print-packages.Avatar Alexander Færøy -0/+100