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2020-02-19emagicdocs: Also install CONTRIBUTING* filesAvatar Heiko Becker -1/+1
2016-01-15Ban einstall for exheres-0Avatar Heiko Becker -24/+1
2015-04-01merge sbin into bin when FILESYSTEM_LAYOUT == crossAvatar Benedikt Morbach -1/+11
2012-02-21Don't try to dodoc directories.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -1/+1
2011-09-03Kill EXTRA_*Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -4/+4
2009-11-24exheres-0: edo() echoes to stderrAvatar Ingmar Vanhassel -1/+1
2009-11-05alip fails.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -0/+1
2009-11-05Make edo emit a useful error die message.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -1/+1
2009-10-20Add edo()Avatar Mike Kelly -0/+8
2009-10-18Fix econf CTARGET -> --targetAvatar David Leverton -1/+1
2009-10-09exheres-0: econf passes --disable-silent-rulesAvatar Ingmar Vanhassel -0/+1
2009-10-03Let econf pass --docdir to configure unless it is passed --hates=docdir. Let ...Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -26/+21
2009-09-27Make exheres-0 use LIBDIR for --libdir.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -11/+5
2009-04-27EBUILD_PHASE is sometimes EXHERES_PHASEAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -6/+6
2009-03-20nick EAPI 3 draft econf for exheres-0Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+5
2009-03-09add emagicdocs functionAvatar Ali Polatel -0/+40
2009-02-24Don't let expatch get into an endless loop when --recognised-suffixes is enab...Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -0/+1
2008-08-23D -> IMAGE for exheres.Avatar David Leverton -7/+7
2008-08-23WORKDIR -> WORKBASE in exheres.Avatar David Leverton -1/+1
2008-08-17Make expatch die when it's passed an empty directory.Avatar Ingmar Vanhassel -1/+3
2008-08-02Add is_nonfatal(), allowing exlib functions to check whether they're called v...Avatar Ingmar Vanhassel -0/+5
2008-07-09Use /usr/bin/env bash instead of /bin/bash for the shebang of shell scripts.Avatar Mike Kelly -1/+1
2008-06-11Expose die_unless_nonfatal and assert_unless_nonfatal in exheres-0 for usage ...Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -0/+3
2008-06-10Make failure in do* fatal and implement nonfatal in exheres-0.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -7/+13
2008-05-19Typo.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -1/+1
2008-05-09Don't return error on success.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -1/+1
2008-05-06Make expatch stricter. Quoting.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -6/+12
2008-04-13Fix expatch error handling.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -3/+3
2008-02-21Typo.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -1/+1
2008-02-21Implement expatch wrapper and DEFAULT_SRC_PREPARE_PATCHES for exheres-0.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -0/+51
2008-02-04typoAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+1
2008-02-03For exheres, econf is only allowed in src_configure and einstall is only allo...Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+113