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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2011-02-20Preserve SCM revision for binariesAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -2/+2
2011-01-27ebuild.bash: Use esandbox instead of sydboxcmdAvatar Ali Polatel -31/+27
2010-12-05Verify REQUIRED_USEAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+1
2010-12-05Add REQUIRED_USEAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+1
2010-07-25Implement GENERATED_FROM_REPOSITORYAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+1
2010-05-26More useful exit statusesAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -3/+3
2010-03-14Add hack to code with declare statements in environment.bz2Avatar David Leverton -1/+1
2010-03-10Use a subshell to avoid a v variable in the resulting environment.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -6/+8
2010-03-10Enable extglob in exheres-0 only.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -6/+30
2010-03-10Enable the globstar shell option in exheres-0.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -0/+3
2010-03-09Fix parents handling in exheres-0.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -8/+10
2010-01-07Curb various interactivity abusesAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+5
2009-10-30Bail on variables starting with DEFAULT_{PKG,SRC}_ which aren't known special...Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -0/+8
2009-09-30install -s is bad for exheres-0Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+7
2009-09-10addwrite CCACHE_DIRAvatar Ali Polatel -1/+4
2009-09-09Unset LD_* before running trAvatar David Leverton -4/+5
2009-09-02need sydboxcheckAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+3
2009-09-01Add locked_pipe_command to allowed exec prefixesAvatar Ali Polatel -0/+1
2009-08-30Allow the user disable network sandboxing via sydbox.confAvatar Ali Polatel -3/+1
2009-08-30Fix assorted failAvatar David Leverton -1/+1
2009-08-27allow networking in fetch_extraAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -3/+3
2009-08-27Make src_fetch_extra usableAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+1
2009-08-27Update sydbox usageAvatar Ali Polatel -3/+9
2009-08-26build_options: traceAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+2
2009-08-26src_fetch_extraAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+2
2009-08-26Restrict network access to localhost for phases other than src_unpackAvatar Ali Polatel -0/+16
2009-08-23Replace magic open() calls with magic stat()Avatar Ali Polatel -1/+1
2009-08-11OHFAILAvatar David Leverton -1/+2
2009-08-11Don't hardcode list of functions to filter outAvatar David Leverton -4/+8
2009-07-14blechAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -2/+3
2009-07-13Don't make unnecessary ( ) blocks for merged varsAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+1
2009-07-11Annotate where deps, myoptions come fromAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+6
2009-06-28Add sydbox supportAvatar Ali Polatel -6/+36
2009-05-11EAPI 3 has fatal, nonfatalAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+20
2009-05-11No RDEPEND=DEPEND in EAPI 3Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -4/+6
2009-04-27Don't pick up 'default' from installed thingsAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+1
2009-04-27keep the upgrade path workingAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+3
2009-04-27Don't let people change DEFAULT_ things except in global scopeAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+5
2009-04-27EBUILD_PHASE is sometimes EXHERES_PHASEAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -3/+3
2009-04-11exparams might be needed in pkg_*Avatar David Leverton -1/+0
2009-03-06Filter ROOTAvatar David Leverton -1/+1
2009-02-27Don't load environment.bz2 twice, it does ludicrous thingsAvatar David Leverton -1/+0
2009-02-22Probably break everythingAvatar David Leverton -120/+149
2009-02-15Kill off some useless builting phasesAvatar David Leverton -2/+1
2009-02-11Implement exlib parameters, including exparam and myexparam.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -0/+1
2008-12-05Support, but don't use, DEFINED_PHASESAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -2/+7
2008-12-05No need to set EAPI hereAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -3/+1
2008-11-03Start MYOPTIONS requirements workAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -4/+7
2008-10-18Kill contrarius, gtkpaludis, AdaptedEnvironmentAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+0
2008-10-10Work around ebuilds assuming cwd is safe.Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+7