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2011-03-26Move PackageDatabase into EnvironmentImplementationAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -181/+0
2011-03-26Use Environment rather than PackageDatabaseAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -44/+41
2011-03-24gtest moreAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -184/+142
2011-02-28Allow repos to return partial results if fasterAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -2/+2
2010-12-07PackageDatabase::fetch_unique_qualified_package_name disambiguate flagAvatar Aleksandar Petrinic -0/+3
2010-07-24Make use of Options init listsAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -23/+23
2010-07-23Avoid more explicit newageAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -7/+7
2010-07-22shared_ptr<> no longer implicitly boolsAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -5/+5
2010-07-22No more tr1:: and tr1/Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -8/+8
2010-05-19New improved NamedValue syntaxAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -15/+15
2009-10-21Consistent ctor styleAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+7
2009-10-21Kill old ctorAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -5/+19
2009-09-13Kill InstalledActionAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+1
2009-03-22VersionSpecOptions(), but don't use themAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -24/+24
2008-06-01New Selection + Filter + Generator interface using Environment, replacing the...Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -166/+3
2008-04-26paludis::tr1:: is dead. We no longer support compilers that don't do tr1 (tha...Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -32/+32
2008-03-05Add :*/:= slot supportAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+2
2007-12-02Abstractify PackageDepSpec, to allow repositories to display deps in their na...Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -13/+14
2007-11-20Make fetch_unique_qualified_package_name take a query to limit the potential ...Avatar David Leverton -18/+30
2007-11-02FixAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+1
2007-11-02Stop using libebt, libwrapiter. C++0x compliant iterators. Use static_assert,...Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -3/+3
2007-10-23Remove email addresses from places that aren't AUTHORSAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+1
2007-10-23Use an email address that worksAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+1
2007-10-17Better ambiguity resolution for virtuals, installed packages. Fixes: ticket:391Avatar Piotr JaroszyƄski -2/+64
2007-07-11Use actions rather than repo methodsAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+1
2007-07-07Fix qo_group_by_slot.Avatar David Leverton -0/+10
2007-07-05 r3770@snowflake: ciaranm | 2007-07-05 01:48:14 +0100Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+1
2007-06-27 r3606@snowflake: ciaranm | 2007-06-27 20:17:54 +0100Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -40/+51
2007-06-06 r3336@snowflake: ciaranm | 2007-06-06 14:25:08 +0100Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+2
2007-05-20Change how we access tr1 to make things easier for third party clients. Fixes...Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -25/+25
2007-05-09Add qo_best_version_only, qo_best_version_in_slot_only. Fixes: ticket:219Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -3/+34
2007-03-13EAPI-aware dep parser. Fixes: ticket:120Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -9/+9
2007-03-10Change repository order handlingAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -11/+12
2007-02-26environment -> environmentsAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+1
2007-02-22Atom -> Spec throughout.Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -9/+9
2007-02-09New improved query() methodAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -8/+16
2007-01-29Use std::tr1::shared_ptr<> instead of paludis::CountedPtr.Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -18/+18
2007-01-23Fix blocker handling. Fixes: ticket:24Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -9/+9
2007-01-05Make db->query take a third parameter describing how the result should be ord...Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -8/+43
2007-01-01Various interface tidyupsAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -8/+4
2006-12-30RepositoryName, and hence PackageDatabaseEntry, no longer define operator< . ...Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -8/+8
2006-12-28Be consistent in how we use Installable and Installed. is_uninstalled_only is...Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -8/+8
2006-11-01change tests to check for NoSuchRepositoryErrorAvatar Richard Brown -3/+3
2006-10-13Doxygen updatesAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -4/+0
2006-09-27Split out environment implementations into their own subdirs and libraries. M...Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+1
2006-08-27My email address is now ciaranm@ciaranm.orgAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+1
2006-07-16Switch from .a to .so files. Move each repository format into its own subdire...Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+1
2006-06-05Interface tidyupAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -21/+21
2006-04-21Switch match_package to take Environment rather than PackageDatabase as its f...Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -19/+9
2006-04-19And the rest of the docs for paludis/Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+10