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2009-04-22peper fails it0.36.1Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+1
2009-04-22Preparation for 0.36.1Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+10
2009-04-22Detect PFG-caused breakageAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+8
2009-04-22Use pcrecpp rather than pcre++.Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -109/+120
2009-04-22Update caches with the newly added/removed IDsAvatar David Leverton -8/+121
2009-04-22Bring tests in line with the code they're supposed to be testingAvatar David Leverton -246/+123
2009-04-21Typo, spotted by lukas__Avatar David Leverton -1/+1
2009-04-21libxml2 sucksAvatar David Leverton -7/+10
2009-04-21Apparently openoffice stuff shouldn't be masked by defaultAvatar David Leverton -1/+1
2009-04-21Update my e-mail.Avatar Piotr Jaroszyński -1/+1
2009-04-21Memoise file hashes.Avatar Piotr Jaroszyński -30/+210
2009-04-21Add a forward header for SafeIFStream.Avatar Piotr Jaroszyński -0/+34
2009-04-21--master-repostiory-dir default should be ''Avatar Richard Brown -2/+2
2009-04-21Make all scripts executableAvatar Richard Brown -0/+0
2009-04-21when ... : -> when ... thenAvatar Richard Brown -9/+9
2009-04-21use %wAvatar Richard Brown -1/+1
2009-04-21Don't throw a CircularDependencyError when foo depends on || ( foo-bin foo )Avatar David Leverton -2/+29
2009-04-21ruby-1.9.1 uses different include dirsAvatar Richard Brown -4/+26
2009-04-21Check type of paramater passed to Environment.accpet_keywordsAvatar Richard Brown -10/+17
2009-04-21change RARRAY->len RARRAY_LENAvatar Richard Brown -5/+5
2009-04-21Fix spurious display of virtuals as 'downgrades'Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -12/+9
2009-02-27Preparation for Ciaran McCreesh -1/+17
2009-02-27Bring forward 0.34 NEWSAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+18
2009-02-27Treat system packages as used.Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -10/+73
2009-02-27Fix linkAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+1
2009-02-26Catch fetch errors at pretend time.Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -23/+389
2009-02-26Add -L to make curl follow redirectsAvatar Ali Polatel -4/+4
2009-02-26Check for installed, not uninstallable.Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -4/+2
2009-02-24Don't let expatch get into an endless loop when --recognised-suffixes is enab...Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -0/+81
2009-02-23PackageID::uniquely_identifying_spec()Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -3/+145
2009-02-23[.key=value] user specsAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -3/+237
2009-02-23Let exhereses know what they're replacing.Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+299
2009-02-23Don't wrap redirected outputAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -1/+1
2009-02-23EAPI as a key for installed stuff.Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+2
2009-02-22Add --fail to curl options to better deal with failed attemptsAvatar Ali Polatel -4/+4
2009-02-22Merge branch 'uninstall-as-part-of-install'Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -249/+354
2009-02-22Let merges uninstall thingsAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -128/+154
2009-02-22Revert "Only uninstallable things are unused."Avatar Mike Kelly -43/+0
2009-02-22Fix upgrades when new phase orderAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+16
2009-02-21Do uninstalls as part of the installAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -159/+186
2009-02-21Add 'replacing' to install action optionsAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+34
2009-02-21Check fchown return codeAvatar Ciaran McCreesh -2/+4
2009-02-20Filter IFSAvatar David Leverton -1/+1
2009-02-20Fix distcheck.Avatar Mike Kelly -0/+2
2009-02-19Only uninstallable things are unused.Avatar Mike Kelly -0/+43
2009-02-19FakeInstalledRepositories "support" uninstalling.Avatar Mike Kelly -7/+16
2009-02-20Remove DEMOS from CLEANFILESAvatar Ali Polatel -1/+1
2009-02-19Add a fetcher demo that uses curlAvatar Ali Polatel -1/+76
2009-02-18Update .gitignore.Avatar Mike Kelly -0/+12
2009-02-18Make sure people know to give an arg to --info.Avatar Ciaran McCreesh -0/+3