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diff --git a/src/clients/cave/resolve_cmdline.cc b/src/clients/cave/resolve_cmdline.cc
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--- a/src/clients/cave/resolve_cmdline.cc
+++ b/src/clients/cave/resolve_cmdline.cc
@@ -105,6 +105,11 @@ ResolveCommandLineResolutionOptions::ResolveCommandLineResolutionOptions(args::A
"matched by this option, the block will instead only block the installed dependent "
"package, so if reinstalling or upgrading the package will make it no longer be dependent "
"then this will be done instead."),
+ a_reinstall_dependents_of(&g_dependent_options, "reinstall-dependents-of", '\0', /* todo: 'D' */
+ "Force any installed package that is dependent upon any installed package matching the "
+ "supplied spec to be reinstalled. May be specified multiple times. May be combined with "
+ "--not-usable to obtain a particular ordering. Note that a target must still be specified "
+ "if this option is used, so the 'nothing' set may be helpful."),
g_keep_options(this, "Reinstall Options", "Control whether installed packages are kept."),
a_keep_targets(&g_keep_options, "keep-targets", 'K',