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diff --git a/src/clients/cave/resolve_cmdline.cc b/src/clients/cave/resolve_cmdline.cc
index 5ad7fb37f..f60c2bdb0 100644
--- a/src/clients/cave/resolve_cmdline.cc
+++ b/src/clients/cave/resolve_cmdline.cc
@@ -85,6 +85,14 @@ ResolveCommandLineResolutionOptions::ResolveCommandLineResolutionOptions(args::A
a_no_restarts_for(&g_resolution_options, "no-restarts-for", '\0',
"Do not restart if the problematic package has the specified package name. May be specified "
"multiple times. Use '*/*' to avoid all restarts."),
+ a_promote_binaries(&g_resolution_options, "promote-binaries", '\0',
+ "Select when to promote packages from binary repositories",
+ args::EnumArg::EnumArgOptions
+ ("never", 'n', "Never")
+ ("if-same", 's', "If it has the same version and exactly matching use flags"),
+ "never"
+ ),
g_dependent_options(this, "Dependent Options", "Dependent options. A package is dependent if it "
"requires (or looks like it might require) a package which is being removed. By default, "