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diff --git a/src/clients/cave/cmd_uninstall.cc b/src/clients/cave/cmd_uninstall.cc
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--- a/src/clients/cave/cmd_uninstall.cc
+++ b/src/clients/cave/cmd_uninstall.cc
@@ -75,17 +75,17 @@ namespace
add_note("All options available for 'cave resolve' are also permitted. See 'man cave-resolve' for details.");
- std::string app_name() const
+ std::string app_name() const override
return "cave uninstall";
- std::string app_synopsis() const
+ std::string app_synopsis() const override
return "Uninstall one or more packages.";
- std::string app_description() const
+ std::string app_description() const override
return "Uninstalls one or more packages. Note that 'cave uninstall' simply rewrites the supplied "
"dependency specifications and then uses 'cave resolve' to do the work; 'cave uninstall foo' is "