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<h2 id="profiles">Profiles vs Profiles</h2>
<p>Don't confuse the <code>profiles/</code> directory with the <code>profiles
- =</code> setting for ebuild format repositories. The special files
+ =</code> setting for e format repositories. The special files
immediately under <code>profiles/</code>, such as
<code>profiles/thirdpartymirrors</code>, <code>profiles/use.desc</code>
and <code>profiles/package.mask</code>, are specific to the repository and not
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ peanut gallery, repositories are required to be uniquely identifiable. The
identifier must remain consistent even if a repository is moved, either locally
or remotely, and thus must be independent of user configuration.</p>
-<p>For ebuild format repositories, this is controlled by the <code>profiles/repo_name</code>
+<p>For e format repositories, this is controlled by the <code>profiles/repo_name</code>
file. It should contain a single string with no whitespace or funny characters.
For many repositories, this has already been created for you; for some overlays,
probably including your local overlay if you have one, the file is not yet