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@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ specification may be any of:</p>
<li><code>flag</code>, which enables that flag.</li>
<li><code>flag=value</code>, which enables that flag and sets its parameter value. Most flags do not
use parameters, and so any parameter value specified is ignored. See the <code>BUILD_OPTIONS: jobs</code>
- flag below for an example of one that does.</li>
+ and <code>BUILD_OPTIONS: symbols</code> flags below for an example of ones that do.</li>
<li><code>-flag</code>, which disables that flag.</li>
<li><code>label:</code>, which marks any subsequent flags on that line as applying to a particular use expand
(Gentoo) or suboption (Exherbo) label. Common examples of use expand labels are <code>VIDEO_CARDS</code>,
@@ -50,13 +50,6 @@ default <code>VIDEO_CARDS</code> from your profile, you will need to use <code>*
<code>BUILD_OPTIONS</code> group. Packages may have any of the following special flags:</p>
- <dt>split</dt>
- <dd>If enabled, Paludis will split debugging information into <code>/usr/lib/debug</code> before merging
- binaries and libraries.</dd>
- <dt>strip</dt>
- <dd>If enabled, Paludis will strip debugging information before merging binaries and libraries.</dd>
<dd>If set, Paludis will run any 'recommended' tests provided by a package.</dd>
@@ -81,6 +74,13 @@ default <code>VIDEO_CARDS</code> from your profile, you will need to use <code>*
<dd>If set to an unsigned integer, specifies the number of jobs to run in parallel when build systems
support this (e.g. <code>BUILD_OPTIONS: jobs=4</code> would imply <code>make -j4</code>).</dd>
+ <dt>symbols</dt>
+ <dd>Controls how debug symbols in executables and libraries are handled. If unset or set to <code>preserve</code>,
+ no stripping is done. If set to <code>strip</code>, debug symbols are split. If set to <code>split</code>, debug
+ symbols are split out into files in <code>/usr/lib/debug/</code>. If set to <code>compress</code>, symbols are also
+ split out, and debug sections are compressed. Note that <code>compress</code> will only work with <code>binutils
+ &gt;=</code>, and may cause problems with older versions of <code>gdb</code>.</dd>
<p>Note that these special flags are <em>not</em> use flags from an ebuild perspective. They are used only by Paludis
@@ -109,10 +109,10 @@ media-sound/lame -gtk
dev-cpp/* doc
# We like tests, and don't want debug symbols
-*/* BUILD_OPTIONS: optional_tests -split strip
+*/* BUILD_OPTIONS: optional_tests symbols=strip
# But we do want split debug symbols for a few packages
-dev-cpp/* BUILD_OPTIONS: split strip
+dev-cpp/* BUILD_OPTIONS: symbols=split
# We want to run four jobs in parallel if possible (Exheres format packages
# only; Gentoo EAPIs use the MAKEOPTS environment variable instead)