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This file lists the major changes between versions. For a more detailed list
of every change, see the Git log.
+ * User-defined cave commands are now passed all command line arguments
+ correctly.
+ * 'cave show' now has '--description-keys', and 'cave search' uses this
+ where appropriate.
+ * Paludis key=value configuration files can now use '$ENV{FOO}' to refer to
+ an environment variable.
+ * output.conf can now set log_path, and user defined output managers will
+ now override builtin output managers with the same name.
+ * When running in 'quiet' mode, status messages are now shown.
+ * Warning and error messages are now shown at the end, along with info and
+ log messages.
+ * The 'tee' output manager handler now has 'stdout_children' and
+ 'stderr_children' for only forwarding stdout or stderr.
+ * Where supported, 'fallocate' is now used when merging files.
+ * Where supported, dirent->d_type is now used to reduce the number of stat()
+ calls that are made.
* 'cave resolve --remove-if-dependent' will now cause dependent packages to
be removed from world, if no versions remain.