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* The merge / unmerge code is now written in C++ rather than bash, and the
MD5 implementation is now internal rather than relying upon 'md5sum', which
- works around problems when upgrading libc.
+ works around problems when upgrading libc. When upgrading and downgrading,
+ sh breakages due to library version changes are less likely to be a problem.
* A --dl-no-unnecessary-upgrades commandline option has been added.
* xterm titles are now updated for syncing, similar to previous behaviour
for installing.
+ * Syncing via Subversion over HTTP (svn+http://) has been enabled.
+ * Use of * with operators other than equals in dep atoms is now a QA
+ warning rather than a fatal error.
+ * Some log messages include program context, to make finding the cause
+ of the problem simpler.
+ * An --environment-variable commandline option, which can be used to print
+ the value of an environment variable for an installed or uninstalled
+ package, has been added.
+ * PVR now behaves like it does for Portage.
+ * The repository whence a package originates is saved in VDB. Portage
+ compatible environment saving is now used. VDB_FORMAT is now "paludis-2".
+ * SELinux is supported.
+ * The behaviour of dosym when target directories don't exist has been
+ updated in line with newer Portage behaviour. dodir is now used as
+ necessary before calling ln.
+ * The AA variable is now supported for ebuilds. Trailing whitespace has
+ been stripped from A and AA for Portage compatibility.
+ * Backtraces are now displayed from 'die'.
* Syncing via Git is possible (git://, git+http://, git+ssh://).
@@ -117,3 +146,5 @@ of every change, see the ChangeLog.
Initial public release.
+.. vim: set tw=80 spell spelllang=en :