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switch TLS to C++11 TLS semantics
Rather than using the compiler specific `__thread` mechanism for TLS, use the C++11 standard `thread_local` keyword. This removes the check for the `__thread` keyword and the `PALUDIS_TLS` macro in the single usage site. Take advantage of the fact that `thread_local` can be applied to non-POD types to avoid the heap allocation of the context buffer and letting the loader perform the allocation. This has a slight penalty (an extra function call) on thread construction. However, given that the heap allocation would likely be performed, this will be largely offset by the loss of the allocation.
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diff --git a/paludis/util/attributes.hh b/paludis/util/attributes.hh
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--- a/paludis/util/attributes.hh
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@@ -63,6 +63,4 @@
# define PALUDIS_HIDDEN PALUDIS_ATTRIBUTE((visibility("hidden")))
-#define PALUDIS_TLS static __thread