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<li>Ability to see why a package is really being pulled in, rather than relying
upon the rather crude '--tree' offered by Portage.</li>
- <li>Much improved output: <code>--query</code> makes it easy to get a useful summary
- of information about a package, and <code>--pretend</code> can be configured to show
+ <li>Much improved output: <code>cave show</code> makes it easy to get a useful summary
+ of information about a package, and <code>cave resolve</code> can be configured to show
relevant information (e.g. USE flag descriptions and an explanation of why a package
is being pulled in).</li>
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<p>To see if a configuration can be used successfully, try:</p>
-sudo paludis <em>[ add '--environment portage' if appropriate ]</em> --sync
-paludis <em>[ add '--environment portage' if appropriate ]</em> --pretend --install world
+sudo cave <em>[ add '--environment portage' if appropriate ]</em> sync
+cave <em>[ add '--environment portage' if appropriate ]</em> resolve --complete world
<p>You will probably find that Paludis picks up some updates that Portage doesn't. Paludis does complete dependency