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This file lists the major changes between versions. For a more detailed list
of every change, see the Git log.
+ * A bug causing screwiness with soft-blocking EAPI 3 packages where both
+ packages installed the same file with an mtime in the distant past has
+ been fixed.
+ * GCC 4.5 appears to be unhappy with dlclose being called in a static
+ variable's destructor. We no longer do this.
+ * ACCEPT_LICENSE is now automatically set based upon accepted licences that
+ have been accepted by the user.
+ * 'cave print-id-*' now have '--all' and will accept wildcards.
+ * CONFIG_PROTECT and CONFIG_PROTECT_MASK for installed packages are now
+ accessible as metadata keys.
+ * Certain 'cave' commands will now suggest possibilities if there is nothing
+ matching the target supplied. Fuzzy name matching will now also suggest
+ packages whose names contain the target as a substring, as well as
+ packages whose names are similar to the target.
* 'cave perform' now calls '_fail' hooks.