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This file lists the major changes between versions. For a more detailed list
of every change, see the Git log.
+ * 'cave perform' now calls '_fail' hooks.
+ * 'cave print-id-contents' now has '--type'
+ * 'cave print-packages' now has '--repository' and '--category'
+ * Output buffering of commands has changed to better handle progress bars of
+ the kind displayed by 'wget' and 'git'. To avoid excessive hopping, 'cave
+ execute-resolution' will now only switch between buffered outputs every
+ few seconds, rather than 0.1s if new output is available.
+ * 'cave display-resolution' now shows flag changes in a more obvious manner.
+ * 'cave purge' and purge checking for 'cave resolve' are now significantly
+ faster.
+ * 'cave resolve --less-restrictive-remove-blockers' is now much more likely
+ to be able to fix breakages by reinstalls. A horrible error that was most
+ easily triggered by use of this option is now fixed.
* glibc 2.12 changes the OS ABI used by its libraries. 'cave fix-linkage'
and 'reconcilio' have been updated to ignore OS ABI mismatches to avoid