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This file lists the major changes between versions. For a more detailed list
of every change, see the ChangeLog.
* Paludis no longer includes wrappers for GNU awk, make, patch, and sed.
Users of systems where the default versions are not the GNU versions
must use PATH manipulation or aliases in /etc/paludis/bashrc to ensure
that the GNU versions are used. (This is not necessary on typical Linux
systems; check <command> --version if in doubt.)
- * Paludis now supports syncing from Mercurial repositories.
+ * Support for from- and in- repository deps.
+ * Wildcards are now allowed for paludis --query, --uninstall, --install.
+ * Unavailable format repositories are now documented and built by default.
* Compilers without tr1 memory, type traits and functional support are no