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Docs tweak
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@@ -264,8 +264,9 @@ are executed by Paludis and their stdout is used as if it were a normal reposito
<p>Each repository can have a key named <code>importance</code>. This is used when
two different repositories contain an identically named and versioned package (e.g. foo/bar-1.0).
-The repository with the higher importance will always be chosen first. If not
-provided, the default is 0.</p>
+The repository with the higher importance will always be chosen first. The normal default value for
+importance is 0, repositories which specify <code>master_repository</code> have a default
+importance of 10.</p>
<p>To avoid duplication across configuration files, a file named
<code>repository_defaults.conf</code> can be used to specify defaults (this file
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@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ PATH="/usr/lib/distcc/bin:${PATH}"
<li><code>--show-reasons summary</code></li>
- <li><code>--resume-command-template ~/.paludis-resume-XXXXXX</code></li>
+ <li><code>--resume-command-template $HOME/.paludis-resume-XXXXXX</code></li>
<li><code>--dl-reinstall-scm weekly</code></li>