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@@ -195,6 +195,8 @@ The following keys are available for <code>format = portage</code>:
- <code>cache</code> (default: <code>${location}/metadata/cache</code>), which
controls the location of the metadata cache for a repository. It should be set
to <code>/var/empty</code> if there is no metadata cache available.
+- <code>write_cache</code>, which can be set to a directory that will be used
+ to write generated cache files.
- <code>distdir</code> (default: <code>${location}/distfiles</code>), which
controls where downloaded files are saved.
- <code>eclassdirs</code> (default: <code>${location}/eclass</code>), which
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@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ teams and b) because it makes it harder for users to catch bugs.
Problem: Sandbox violations when ROOT!=/
Workaround: Paludis enforces ROOT. However, some packages don't honour ROOT. To
-temporarily disable sandbox for these packages, <code>export SANDBOX_PREDICT=/</code>.
+temporarily disable sandbox for these packages, <code>export SANDBOX_PREDICT=/</code> .
\section KnownNonIssuesPortageThings Things Portage Does
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@@ -41,6 +41,8 @@ would be relevant if it were:
- Ability to sync from Subversion, Git.
+- Ability to uninstall packages with dependencies.
\section PortageDifferencesEbuildDeveloper For the Ebuild Developer
As well as the end user advantages, ebuild authors will benefit from: