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doc: update documentation for new dwarf_compress bo
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@@ -82,6 +82,12 @@ default <code>VIDEO_CARDS</code> from your profile, you will need to use <code>*
symbols are split out into files in <code>/usr/lib/debug/</code>. If set to <code>compress</code>, symbols are also
split out, and debug sections are compressed. Note that <code>compress</code> will only work with <code>binutils
&gt;=</code>, and may cause problems with older versions of <code>gdb</code>.</dd>
+ <dt>dwarf_compress</dt>
+ <dd>Compress the DWARF sections in executables and libraries. If set, duplicated DIEs are combined into a global
+ DIE section and DW_TAG_partial_unit is used to reference the moved DIEs. Certain DW_FORM_refs may be rewritten if
+ they result in a more compact representation. This option <b>requires</b> the <code>dwz</code> tool to be present
+ and in the default <code>PATH</code>.</dd>
<p>Note that these special flags are <em>not</em> use flags from an ebuild perspective. They are used only by Paludis