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authorAvatar David Leverton <levertond@googlemail.com> 2010-03-13 18:15:35 +0000
committerAvatar David Leverton <levertond@googlemail.com> 2010-03-13 18:15:35 +0000
commitd46c71cb452401473061aac073843fb32dd9aaa7 (patch)
parent1d52aa43185c513c5aa86283d2c3bd184750677b (diff)
Fix option grouping
1 files changed, 3 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/src/clients/cave/cmd_resolve_cmdline.cc b/src/clients/cave/cmd_resolve_cmdline.cc
index b95cc3e..4fd3597 100644
--- a/src/clients/cave/cmd_resolve_cmdline.cc
+++ b/src/clients/cave/cmd_resolve_cmdline.cc
@@ -74,15 +74,15 @@ ResolveCommandLineResolutionOptions::ResolveCommandLineResolutionOptions(args::A
g_dependent_options(this, "Dependent Options", "Dependent options. A package is dependent if it "
"requires (or looks like it might require) a package which is being removed. By default, "
"dependent packages are treated as errors. These options specify a different behaviour."),
- a_uninstalls_may_break(&g_resolution_options, "uninstalls-may-break", 'u',
+ a_uninstalls_may_break(&g_dependent_options, "uninstalls-may-break", 'u',
"Permit uninstalls that might break packages matching the specified specification. May be "
"specified multiple times. Use '*/*' to allow all packages to be broken."),
- a_remove_if_dependent(&g_resolution_options, "remove-if-dependent", 'r',
+ a_remove_if_dependent(&g_dependent_options, "remove-if-dependent", 'r',
"Remove dependent packages that might be broken by other changes if those packages match "
"the specified specification. May be specified multiple times. Use '*/*' to remove all "
"dependent packages that might be broken, recursively. Does not imply --permit-uninstall, "
"which must also be specified."),
- a_less_restrictive_remove_blockers(&g_resolution_options, "less-restrictive-remove-blockers", 'l',
+ a_less_restrictive_remove_blockers(&g_dependent_options, "less-restrictive-remove-blockers", 'l',
"Use less restrictive blockers for packages matching the supplied specification if that "
"package is to be removed by --remove-if-dependent. May be specified multiple times. "
"Normally removing dependents is done by a pseudo-block in the form '!cat/pkg:slot'. If "