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Start work on NEWS for 0.16
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This file lists the major changes between versions. For a more detailed list
of every change, see the ChangeLog.
+ * Enhanced DepList. Most blocks are now shown as errors in the list.
+ Suggested dependencies are now supported. Paludis can continue resolving
+ dependencies when encountering a masked package, and show a summary of
+ everything that needs to be unmasked as part of the output. Post
+ dependencies can now be installed much later on if necessary to resolve
+ cycles. Deps in the form || ( a >=b-2 ) where b-1 is installed are handled
+ more elegantly.
+ * New adjutrix --what-needs-keywording action, for use by arch and security
+ teams to obtain a full list of what would need to be keyworded to mark a
+ target to a particular keyword level.
+ * In repository configurations, format=portage is deprecated in favour of
+ format=ebuild, and format=nothing is deprecated in favour of hooks.
+ * Paludis now has a logo.
* Updated zsh completion