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+<!-- vim: set tw=120 ft=html sw=4 sts=4 et : -->
+<p>The <code>use.conf</code> file controls which use flags are and are not enabled. It is a standard configuration
+file which may be a bash file and which may use the <code>use.conf.d/</code> directory.</p>
+<p>Each line in the file consists of a specification followed by one or more use flags and labels. A specification may be
+any of:</p>
+ <li>The special specification <code>*/*</code>, which matches all packages. Nearly all users will have at least one
+ line using this specification.</li>
+ <li>A simple <code>category/package</code> name.</li>
+ <li>A simple <code>set</code> name.</li>
+ <li>A complex dependency specification.</li>
+<p>A use flag or label can be:</p>
+ <li><code>flag</code>, which enables that flag.</li>
+ <li><code>-flag</code>, which disables that flag.</li>
+ <li><code>LABEL:</code>, which marks any subsequent flags on that line as applying to a particular use expand label.
+ Common examples of use expand labels are <code>VIDEO_CARDS</code>, <code>LINGUAS</code> and
+ <code>INPUT_DEVICES</code>.</li>
+ <li><code>-*</code>, which disables all flags for the current label, or all flags that are not a label if there is
+ no current label.</li>
+<p>Use flag settings are cumulative. This applies to expanded use flags too, so if you do not wish to inherit, say,
+default <code>VIDEO_CARDS</code> from your profile, you will need to use <code>*/* VIDEO_CARDS: -* radeon</code>.</p>
+# Accept some basic defaults for all packages, inheriting defaults from profiles
+*/* -doc -nls -apache2 bash-completion -gnome -kde mpd flac aac cdparanoia \
+ mmx mmxext rtc sse -arts -qt3 -cups real dvd threads dvdnav mp3 quicktime \
+ pnm real vidix a52 3dnow 3dnowext amr bidi bl cddb dts srt unicode xvmc
+# And set some USE_EXPAND defaults for all packages, explicitly overriding defaults
+# from profiles
+*/* LINGUAS: -* en_GB en
+*/* VIDEO_CARDS: -* nv nvidia
+*/* ALSA_CARDS: -* emu10k1
+# Some per package settings
+app-editors/vim -perl -python
+app-crypt/gnupg -X
+media-sound/lame -gtk
+# And some wildcarding
+dev-cpp/* doc