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Clarify the documentation for sync_options.
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@@ -244,8 +244,25 @@ configuration files.</p>
<code>paludis --list-sync-protocols</code> to see supported protocols. This
can be a space-separated list, in which case each will be tried in order
until one succeeds.</li>
- <li><code>sync_options</code> (default: empty), which specifies additional
- options to pass to the syncing script.</li>
+ <li><code>sync_options</code> (default: empty), which specifies
+ additional options to pass to the syncing script. The valid options
+ for each protocol are listed by <code>paludis
+ --list-sync-protocols</code>. Note that options are not
+ automatically passed through to the underlying sync program
+ (<code>rsync</code>, <code>svn</code> etc.), you must use
+ <code>--<em>program</em>-option=OPTION</code> or
+ <code>--<em>program</em>-<em>action</em>-option=OPTION</code> for
+ each option. If a pass-through option takes an argument, you must
+ specify <code>--<em>program</em>-option=</code> for both the option
+ itself and the argument. For example:
+# For an rsync repository, to exclude files matching patterns listed in
+# /etc/sync.exclude, and to log the transfer to the file /var/log/sync.log
+sync_options = --exclude-from=/etc/sync.exclude --rsync-option=--log-file --rsync-option=/var/log/sync.log
+# For a CVS repository, to use maximum compression for the network
+# traffic, and to disable keyword expansion
+sync_options = --cvs-option=-z9 --cvs-checkout-option=-ko
<li><code>sync_exclude</code> (default: empty), which can point to a file that
contains a list of directories to exclude when syncing via
<code>rsync://</code>. This key is deprecated, use