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Doc fix, spec tree keys will never match with [.key=value]
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@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ the following order:</p>
can be used. May be extended to ranged dependencies, using either <code>[=1.23|=1.24|=1.25]</code> for an or
dependency or <code>[&gt;=1.2&amp;&lt;2]</code> for an and dependency.</li>
<li><code>[.key=value]</code>: Match only if the specified metadata key has a particular exact value. Only works for
- simple values, sets, sequences and spec trees, not other complex compound keys. If <code>&lt;</code> is used in
+ simple values, sets and sequences, not spec trees and other complex compound keys. If <code>&lt;</code> is used in
place of <code>=</code>, for numeric values a less-than comparison is used, and for sets, sequences and spec trees,
a match occurs if any member of the set or sequence is equal to the value. Similarly if <code>&gt;</code> is used,
for numeric values a greater-than comparison is used; it does not match for other types of values.</li>