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-/* vim: set ft=cpp tw=80 sw=4 et : */
-\page BootstrapHowto Bootstrap Howto
-\section BootstrapHowtoMain How to make a Paludis chroot
-<b>You may encounter problems!</b> Paludis is still undergoing heavy development,
-and although it's getting to be fairly reliable, there are still issues. Most
-ebuild authors don't test their code with both package managers. You will also
-find that some packages are very picky about honouring <code>ROOT</code>. At the
-very least, you will encounter issues if you are trying to build a stable stage
-from an unstable system.
-You should join the <code>\#paludis</code> channel on Freenode. If you're doing
-anything development-related, you should probably also ask to be allowed to
-subscribe to the <code>paludis-sekrit</code> mailing list.
-\warning Using Portage and Paludis on the same root isn't a very good idea. There
- are differences in configuration and VDB formats.
-\warning Read the \link KnownIssues known issues \endlink list.
-\section BootstrapHowtoRequirements Requirements
-Install Paludis locally, being sure to configure <code>sysconfdir</code> as
-<code>/etc</code>, <code>localstatedir</code> as <code>/var/lib</code> and
-<code>datadir</code> as <code>/usr/share</code> to avoid confusion later on.
-There're ebuilds in the tree, or in <a
-href="http://svn.pioto.org/viewvc/paludis/overlay/"> the Paludis overlay</a> if
-you need SVN ebuilds.
-Make sure the test suite passes (either <code>FEATURES="test"</code> for
-Portage, or <code>make check</code>). If it fails, don't continue until you
-figure out why.
-\section BootstrapConfiguration Configuration
-Set up a local bootstrap config directory. We're assuming in this document that
-you're using <code>/mychroot</code> as the root path, but anywhere not on a
-noexec / nodev filesystem should work. The reason for doing things this way will
-become apparent later on.
-mkdir ~/.paludis-bootstrap
-cat <<"END" > ~/.paludis-bootstrap/specpath
-root = /mychroot
-config-suffix =
-Make some skeleton directories and files:
-mkdir -p /mychroot/etc/{env.d,paludis/repositories}
-mkdir -p /mychroot/var/{db/pkg,paludis/repositories/gentoo/distfiles}
-mkdir -p /mychroot/tmp/
-touch /mychroot/etc/ld.so.conf
-Set up your <code>keywords.conf</code>. At the very least, you'll need a <code>*
-keywords</code> line. Further lines can be added in the form "atom keywords".
-Like with Portage, accepting <code>~keyword</code> does <b>not</b> accept
-<code>keyword</code>, so if you want a fully <code>~arch</code> system you
-should use <code>* arch ~arch</code>.
-cat <<"END" > /mychroot/etc/paludis/keywords.conf
-* x86
-dev-cpp/libebt x86 ~x86
-sys-apps/paludis x86 ~x86
-dev-util/subversion x86 ~x86
-app-admin/eselect x86 ~x86
-app-editors/vim x86 ~x86
-app-editors/vim-core x86 ~x86
-Set up your <code>use.conf</code>. At the very least, you'll need a <code>*
-flags</code> line. Again, additional per-atom lines can be specified. The
-<code>-apache2</code> is important, if you value your sanity, since you'll be
-installing subversion. We're experimenting with a slightly different way of
-handling <code>USE_EXPAND</code> variables that allows different settings for
-different packages. This may change, but for now it looks like this (note the
-<code>-*</code> to avoid inherinting profile values:
-cat <<"END" > /mychroot/etc/paludis/use.conf
-* -doc nls -apache2 LINGUAS: en INPUT_DEVICES: keyboard mouse VIDEO_CARDS: -* ati
-app-editors/vim -nls
-Set up your <code>licenses.conf</code>. If you don't care about licences, which
-is probably wise until we get licence grouping, it should look like this:
-cat <<"END" > /mychroot/etc/paludis/licenses.conf
-* *
-If you want some more fun, the following list might be enough to install a
-base system if you don't turn on too many extra USE flags:
-cat <<"END" > /mychroot/etc/paludis/licenses.conf
-# These are the basic system requirements. It's possible to knock off
-# a few of these by turning off some default USE flags.
-* LGPL-2.1 LGPL-2 GPL-2 BSD MIT BZIP2 Artistic DB PSF-2.1.1 PSF-2.2
-* as-is tcp_wrappers_license freedist ZLIB openssl CRACKLIB PAM FLEX
-* less
-# These are needed to get Subversion.
-* Apache-1.1 Apache-2.0
-# These are needed to get an editor that doesn't suck.
-* vim
-# These are needed if you want modular X. This is utterly ridiculous,
-# and the people responsible for using different licence IDs for
-# identical licences should be shot.
-* xorg-server libXfont xtrans util-macros libfontenc xproto fontsproto
-* FTL fontcacheproto libXau libXext libX11 libXdmcp kbproto inputproto
-* xf86bigfontproto bigreqsproto xextproto xcmiscproto libxkbfile libXmu
-* libXt libSM libICE libXrender renderproto libXi libXxf86vm
-* xf86vidmodeproto libdrm MOTIF libXaw libXpm libXp printproto xbitmaps
-* makedepend xf86driproto glproto font-adobe-75dpi bdftopcf font-util
-* encodings mkfontscale mkfontdir font-misc-misc font-cursor-misc
-* xkbcomp iceauth rgb xauth xinit twm xclock libXft fontconfig xrdb X11
-* libXxf86misc xf86miscproto libdmx dmxproto libXtst recordproto libXres
-* resourceproto libxkbui liblbxutil randrproto fixesproto damageproto
-* xf86dgaproto xf86rushproto compositeproto videoproto scrnsaverproto
-* evieext trapproto xineramaproto glut setxkbmap xhost xmodmap xrandr
-* libXrandr libXcomposite libXfixes libXcursor libXdamage libXv
-* libXxf86dga libXinerama libXScrnSaver BitstreamVera font-bh-type1
-* font-adobe-utopia-type1 font-adobe-100dpi xorg-docs
-* xf86-input-keyboard xf86-input-mouse xf86-video-ati font-alias
-Set up your <code>package_unmask.conf</code> and <code>package_mask.conf</code>,
-if necessary:
-cat <<"END" > /mychroot/etc/paludis/package_unmask.conf
-Set up your <code>mirrors.conf</code>, if you feel like it (note that 0.2.5 or
-later is required, or this file is ignored). It uses the same format as
-<code>thirdpartymirrors</code>. Remember to include the <code>/distfiles</code>
-for Gentoo mirrors.
-cat <<"END" > /mychroot/etc/paludis/mirrors.conf
-gentoo http://gentoo.blueyonder.co.uk/distfiles/
-gnu http://gnu.blueyonder.co.uk/
-debian http://debian.blueyonder.co.uk/
-Set up your <code>bashrc</code>. This must <b>NOT</b> be used to change any
-values that affect dependency resolution (e.g. <code>USE</code>,
-<code>LINGUAS</code>). It can be used to set <code>CFLAGS</code>,
-<code>CHOST</code> and the like (on some archs you'll have to do this to
-avoid getting junk from your profile). Remember to <code>export</code> your
-Unfortunately, some packages in system have broken test suites, and some
-packages abuse non-${ROOT} locations in pkg_postinst. Thus, you will also
-need to add a bit of magic to work around these packages.
-cat <<"END" > /mychroot/etc/paludis/bashrc
-export CFLAGS="-O2 -march=pentium4 -fomit-frame-pointer"
-export CXXFLAGS="${CFLAGS}"
-export CHOST="i686-pc-linux-gnu"
-export MAKEOPTS="-j2"
-export EBEEP_IGNORE="yes"
-export EPAUSE_IGNORE="yes"
-case "${PN}" in
- python|portage)
- export SKIP_FUNCTIONS=test
- ;;
- automake|glibc|e2fsprogs|neon|gettext|tar)
- export SKIP_FUNCTIONS=test
- ;;
-Set up your repository files. Do not tinker with the VDB location, it
-<b>must</b> go in <code>${ROOT}/var/db/pkg</code>. Here we'll avoid using
-<code>/usr/portage</code> for the main tree because sticking data that gets
-changed on <code>/usr</code> is silly. We use the <code>${ROOT}</code> variable,
-which is set magically, to make the config work both in and outside of a
-chroot (this is one of the reasons we have the weird-looking specpath
-thing). The Paludis overlay is optional but recommended.
-You will also need to specify <code>names_cache</code> for the Portage format
-repositories and <code>provides_cache</code> for the VDB repositories.
-See \link CacheFiles \endlink .
-cat <<"END" > /mychroot/etc/paludis/repositories/gentoo.conf
-location = ${ROOT}/var/paludis/repositories/gentoo/
-sync = rsync://rsync.europe.gentoo.org/gentoo-portage/
-profiles = ${ROOT}/var/paludis/repositories/gentoo/profiles/default-linux/x86/2006.0
-format = portage
-cat <<"END" > /mychroot/etc/paludis/repositories/installed.conf
-location = ${ROOT}/var/db/pkg/
-format = vdb
-cat <<"END" > /mychroot/etc/paludis/repositories/paludis-overlay.conf
-location = ${ROOT}/var/paludis/repositories/paludis-overlay/
-sync = svn://svn.pioto.org/paludis/overlay
-profiles = ${ROOT}/var/paludis/repositories/gentoo/profiles/default-linux/x86/2006.0
-eclassdirs = ${ROOT}/var/paludis/repositories/gentoo/eclass
-distdir = ${ROOT}/var/paludis/repositories/gentoo/distfiles
-cache = /var/empty
-format = portage
-importance = 10
-\section BootstrapHowtoSync Initial Sync
-Now check that the config looks ok, and sync:
-paludis --config-suffix bootstrap --list-repositories
-sudo paludis --config-suffix bootstrap --sync
-If you have problems, try adding <code>--log-level debug</code>. This may or may
-not give helpful information... This applies at all stages.
-The initial sync will be slow. You can cheat and copy an existing Portage tree
-checkout into <code>/mychroot/var/paludis/repositories/gentoo/</code>, but
-remember to preserve mtimes and permissions if you do. Note that there's no
-hideously painful 'Updating the Portage cache...' to go through. Paludis will
-use the metadata cache, if available, but does not use the dep cache.
-\section BootstrapInstalling Installing Things
-Now install baselayout and then system. We install baselayout manually first
-because it's easier than creating a bunch of directories by hand.
-Note that there're a whole load of circular dependencies in system
-(ncurses <-> gpm, patch <-> patch, gcc <-> glibc for example), so you'll
-almost certainly need --dl-drop-circular at this stage.
-paludis --config-suffix bootstrap --install --pretend --dl-drop-all sys-apps/baselayout
-sudo paludis --config-suffix bootstrap --install --dl-drop-all sys-apps/baselayout
-paludis --config-suffix bootstrap --install --pretend --dl-circular discard system
-sudo paludis --config-suffix bootstrap --install --dl-circular discard system
-Note that system will pull in Portage. That's a profiles thing that's
-unavoidable for now. It won't pull in Paludis, so we do that manually.
-\note It seems apr and apr-util are rather picky about compiling into ROOT
-unless an identical version is installed onto / .
-paludis --config-suffix bootstrap --install --pretend sys-apps/paludis
-sudo paludis --config-suffix bootstrap --install sys-apps/paludis
-\section BootstrapHowtoChroot Chrooting
-And that should (but probably won't) give you a usable chroot:
-sudo cp /etc/resolv.conf /mychroot/etc/
-sudo chroot /mychroot
-export HOME=/root
-cp /etc/skel/.bashrc .
-. .bashrc
-ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/London /etc/localtime
-mount -tproc none /proc
-mount -tsysfs none /sys
-mount -tdevpts none /dev/pts
-eselect env update
-source /etc/profile
-( . /etc/paludis/bashrc ; export REAL_CHOST=$CHOST ; gcc-config 1 )
-eselect env update
-source /etc/profile
-paludis --uninstall sys-apps/portage
-paludis --install app-editors/vim
-paludis --uninstall app-editors/nano
-You can also tar up the system and use it as a stage3 or NFS root image.
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<div class="qindex">About Paludis: [
- <a class="qindex" href="../../index.html">Paludis&nbsp;Homepage</a> |
- <a class="qindex" href="../../faq.html">FAQ&nbsp;(Important!)</a> |
- <a class="qindex" href="../../news.html">Release&nbsp;Notes</a> |
- <a class="qindex" href="../../changelog.html">ChangeLog</a> |
- <a class="qindex" href="../../licence.html">Licence</a> |
- <a class="qindex" href="../../authors.html">Authors</a> |
+ <a class="qindex" href="../index.html">Paludis&nbsp;Homepage</a> |
+ <a class="qindex" href="../faq.html">FAQ&nbsp;(Important!)</a> |
+ <a class="qindex" href="../news.html">Release&nbsp;Notes</a> |
+ <a class="qindex" href="../changelog.html">ChangeLog</a> |
+ <a class="qindex" href="../licence.html">Licence</a> |
+ <a class="qindex" href="../authors.html">Authors</a> |
<a class="qindex" href="https://developer.berlios.de/projects/paludis/">Berlios&nbsp;Project</a> |
<a class="qindex" href="https://developer.berlios.de/project/showfiles.php?group_id=6360">Download</a> |
<a class="qindex" href="http://svn.pioto.org/viewvc/paludis/">SVN</a> ]
- <div class="qindex">General Documentation: [
- <a class="qindex" href="BootstrapHowto.html">Bootstrap&nbsp;Howto</a> |
- <a class="qindex" href="MigrationHowto.html">Migration&nbsp;Howto</a> |
- <a class="qindex" href="KnownIssues.html">Known&nbsp;Issues&nbsp;and&nbsp;Non-Issues</a>&nbsp;(<strong>Important</strong>) |
- <a class="qindex" href="ConfigurationFiles.html">Configuration&nbsp;Files</a> |
- <a class="qindex" href="CacheFiles.html">Cache&nbsp;Files</a> |
- <a class="qindex" href="PortageDifferences.html">Portage&nbsp;Differences</a> |
- <a class="qindex" href="CodingStandards.html">Coding&nbsp;Standards</a> |
- <a class="qindex" href="ProgrammingWithPaludis.html">Programming&nbsp;with&nbsp;Paludis</a> ]
- </div>
<div class="qindex">Code Documentation: [
<a class="qindex" href="modules.html">Modules</a> |
<a class="qindex" href="namespaces.html">Namespaces</a> |
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yourself with this list before asking questions.</li>
<li>There is a <a href="migration.html">guide to migrating to
- Paludis</a> and a <a href="bootstrap.html">guide to
- bootstrapping a chroot using Paludis</a>.</li>
+ Paludis</a>.</li>
<li>There is <a href="configuration.html">documentation on the
configuration files</a> and <a href="cachefiles.html">the