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@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ prepended to each individual file.</p>
<p>The following keys are predefined. They should not be modified.</p>
- <dt>root</dt>
+ <dt><code>root<code></dt>
<dd>The filesystem root. Relevant if <code>specpath.conf</code> is in use. Using this variable can create a
configuration system that works both inside and outside of a chroot (e.g. <code>location =
@@ -32,11 +32,11 @@ prepended to each individual file.</p>
<p>The following keys are meaningful for all repository formats.</p>
- <dt>format</dt>
+ <dt><code>format</code></dt>
<dd>Determines which repository class Paludis uses to create the repository. Example formats are
<code>ebuild</code>, <code>vdb</code> and <code>installed_unpackaged</code>. Mandatory.</dd>
- <dt>importance</dt>
+ <dt><code>importance</code></dt>
<dd>Must be an integer. Used by Paludis to determine from which repository a package should be selected, all other
things being equal (a higher importance is preferred over a lower importance). By default, <code>0</code>, except
if the <code>master_repository</code> key is set, in which case it is <code>10</code> instead.</dd>