AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
12 dayslibwmf: Update Ghostscript referenceHEADmasterAvatar Christian Kluge -2/+2
2017-09-29liborcus: python 3.3 is deadAvatar Marc-Antoine Perennou -1/+1
2017-09-29libixion: python 3.3 is deadAvatar Marc-Antoine Perennou -2/+2
2017-09-28libwpg: Version bump to 0.3.2Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+1
2017-09-28libwpd: Version bump to 0.10.2Avatar Heiko Becker -50/+2
2017-09-28libzmf: Version bump to 0.0.2Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+1
2017-09-28libfreehand: Version bump to 0.1.2Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+5
2017-09-28libcdr: Version bump to 0.1.4Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+1
2017-09-12libwpd: add upstream patch fixing CVE-2017-14226Avatar Gurr Timo -0/+57
2017-08-27app-office/libreoffice: version bump to Rasmus Thomsen -18/+14
2017-08-26xmlsec: Versiom bump to 1.2.24Avatar Heiko Becker -18/+8
2017-08-26xmlsec: Fix build with libresslAvatar Heiko Becker -1/+101
2017-08-26xmlsec: version bump to 1.2.23Avatar Timo Gurr -10/+11
2017-08-26xmlsec: Use providers for libsslAvatar Xavier Barrachina -1/+6
2017-08-26xmlsec: Use virtual/libsslAvatar Heiko Becker -1/+1
2017-08-26use export_exlib_phasesAvatar Heiko Becker -2/+4
2017-08-26xmlsec: version bump to 1.2.20Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+0
2017-08-26xmlsec: initial exheres for 1.2.19Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+79
2017-07-28liblangtag: Fix HOMEPAGEAvatar Heiko Becker -1/+1
2017-07-28libexttextcat: Update HOMEPAGEAvatar Heiko Becker -1/+1
2017-07-28libstaroffice: version bump to 0.0.4Avatar Timo Gurr -0/+1
2017-07-28libwps: version bump to 0.4.7Avatar Timo Gurr -0/+1
2017-07-28libmwaw: version bump to 0.3.12Avatar Timo Gurr -32/+1
2017-06-26libreoffice: version bump to Timo Gurr -1/+17
2017-06-21libstaroffice: Version bump to 0.0.3Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+0
2017-06-21mdds: Version bump to 1.2.3Avatar Heiko Becker -4/+0
2017-06-21libmwaw: Version bump to 0.3.11Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+39
2017-06-03libwmf: No longer maintained by meAvatar Wulf C. Krueger -2/+2
2017-05-22use prefixed phases in exlibsAvatar Benedikt Morbach -1/+3
2017-03-22libwmf: hard-code new ghostscriptAvatar Benedikt Morbach -2/+2
2017-03-17libwps: version bump to 0.4.6Avatar Timo Gurr -0/+0
2017-02-09abiword: version bump to 3.0.2Avatar Timo Gurr -4/+102
2017-02-09goffice: version bump to 0.10.33Avatar Timo Gurr -11/+11
2017-02-09libgsf: version bump to 1.14.41Avatar Timo Gurr -3/+3
2017-02-03libixion/liborcus: unmask for LibreOffice 5.3Avatar Timo Gurr -10/+0
2017-02-03libreoffice: version bump to Timo Gurr -364/+21
2017-02-02libstaroffice: initial exheresAvatar Timo Gurr -0/+30
2017-02-02libzmf: initial exheresAvatar Timo Gurr -0/+37
2017-02-02mdds: version bump to 1.2.2Avatar Timo Gurr -0/+1
2017-02-02libixion: version bump to 0.12.2Avatar Timo Gurr -2/+7
2017-02-02liborcus: version bump to 0.12.1Avatar Timo Gurr -1/+4
2017-02-01libmwaw: version bump to 0.3.10Avatar Timo Gurr -0/+0
2017-01-20libwps: version bump to 0.4.5Avatar Timo Gurr -2/+1
2017-01-02app-office/libreoffice[bluetooth] requires avahi[dbus].Avatar Bo ├śrsted Andresen -1/+1
2017-01-02libreoffice : version bump to Cedric CORBIERE -1/+1
2016-12-31libreoffice: Add a patch headerAvatar Heiko Becker -0/+2
2016-12-19libreoffice : version bump to Cedric CORBIERE -0/+0
2016-12-13libreoffice: add upstream patch to build against ICU 58.1Avatar Timo Gurr -1/+280
2016-11-03app-office/abiword: minor build time fixAvatar Julian Ospald -0/+30
2016-10-31libwps: version bump to 0.4.4Avatar Timo Gurr -0/+0