AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2019-07-04libreoffice: Version bump to Heiko Becker -0/+0
2019-05-25libreoffice: Version bump to Heiko Becker -0/+0
2019-05-07libetonyek: depend on mdds:1.4Avatar Timo Gurr -2/+2
2019-04-26libcmis: Fix build with icu:64.1Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+25
2019-04-24libreoffice: Version bump to Heiko Becker -79/+40
2019-04-24libmwaw: Version bump to 0.3.15Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+0
2019-04-17xmlsec: Version bump to 1.2.28Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+0
2019-03-27libreoffice: Version bump to Heiko Becker -0/+0
2019-03-06liblangtag: pass correct configure variable to enable/disable testsAvatar Timo Gurr -1/+1
2019-03-06libetonyek: allow automake 1.16Avatar Timo Gurr -1/+1
2019-02-11libreoffice: Version bump to Heiko Becker -28/+149
2019-02-08liborcus: Version bump to 0.14.1Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+39
2019-02-08libxion: Version bump to 0.14.1Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+53
2019-02-08libreoffice: Remove 5.xAvatar Heiko Becker -455/+0
2019-01-31libreoffice: Fix build with boost[>=1.69.0]Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+78
2019-01-16abiword: Add explicit readline dependencyAvatar Heiko Becker -0/+1
2019-01-05libreoffice: Version bump to Heiko Becker -0/+0
2019-01-05libetonyek: Version bump to 0.1.9Avatar Heiko Becker -1/+1
2019-01-05libcmis: Version bump to 0.5.2Avatar Heiko Becker -71/+0
2019-01-05libqxp: Version bump to 0.0.2Avatar Heiko Becker -1/+1
2019-01-05libcdr: Version bump to 0.1.5Avatar Heiko Becker -1/+1
2019-01-05libwpg: Version bump to 0.3.3Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+0
2019-01-05libwpd: Version bump to 0.10.3Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+0
2019-01-05mdds: Version bump to 1.4.3Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+1
2018-12-02libreoffice: mdds is slottedAvatar Heiko Becker -1/+1
2018-12-02libreoffice: Version bump to Heiko Becker -14/+19
2018-11-29mdds: Version bump to 1.4.1Avatar Heiko Becker -1/+20
2018-11-20libexttextcat: version bump to 3.4.5Avatar Timo Gurr -1/+1
2018-11-12xmlsec[nss]: Depend on nss[utils] for the testsAvatar Heiko Becker -0/+2
2018-11-09libcmis: Fix build with boost[>=1.68.0]Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+41
2018-10-29libnumbertext: Version bump to 1.0.5Avatar Heiko Becker -1/+1
2018-10-29xmlsec: Version bump to 1.2.27Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+0
2018-08-26liborcus: Fix build with boost[>=1.67.0]Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+55
2018-08-22libwps: Version bump to 0.4.10Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+0
2018-08-20libgsf: version bump to 1.14.44Avatar Timo Gurr -4/+8
2018-08-06libepubgen: Version bump to 0.1.1Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+0
2018-08-06libodfgen: Version bump to 0.1.7Avatar Heiko Becker -1/+0
2018-08-06libwps: Version bump to 0.4.9Avatar Heiko Becker -0/+0
2018-07-30libreoffice: update options descriptionsAvatar Rasmus Thomsen -2/+2
2018-07-30libreoffice: allow building with python 3.7Avatar Rasmus Thomsen -2/+1
2018-07-30libreoffice: version bump to Rasmus Thomsen -8/+15
2018-07-28libstaroffice: version bump to 0.0.6Avatar Rasmus Thomsen -0/+0
2018-07-28libmwaw: version bump to 0.3.14Avatar Rasmus Thomsen -0/+0
2018-07-28libetonyek: version bump to 0.1.8Avatar Rasmus Thomsen -0/+0
2018-07-28libnumbertext: initial exheresAvatar Rasmus Thomsen -0/+17
2018-07-20abiword: Fix build with libical[>=3.0], add missing depAvatar Heiko Becker -0/+33
2018-07-02libreoffice: mask python 3.7Avatar Rasmus Thomsen -1/+2
2018-07-02libreoffice: allow automake 1.16Avatar Rasmus Thomsen -1/+1
2018-06-30libreoffice: version bump to Rasmus Thomsen -0/+0
2018-06-09xmlsec: Version bump to 1.2.26Avatar Heiko Becker -3/+4