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+The TWAIN License
+The TWAIN Working Group grants customer ("Customer") the worldwide,
+royalty-free, non-exclusive license to reproduce and distribute the
+software and documentation of the TWAIN toolkit ("TWAIN Toolkit"). The
+TWAIN Toolkit was designed to be used by third parties to assist them
+in becoming compliant with the TWAIN standard, but it has not been
+developed to the standards of a commercial product. Consequently, the
+TWAIN toolkit is provided AS IS without any warranty. THE TWAIN
+Working Group disclaims all warranties in the TWAIN toolkit whether
+implied, express or statutory, including, without limitation, the
+implied warranties of merchantability, noninfringement of third party
+rights and fitness for a particular purpose. The TWAIN Working Group
+disclaims all liability for damages, whether direct, indirect,
+special, incidental, or consequential, arising from the reproduction,
+distribution, modification, or other use of the TWAIN Toolkit.
+As a condition of this license, Customer agrees to include in software
+programs based in whole or in part on the TWAIN Toolkit the following
+providions in (i) the header or similar file in such software and (ii)
+prominently in its documentation and to require its sublicensees to
+include these provisions in similar locations: The TWAIN Toolkit is
+distributed as is. The developer and distributors of the TWAIN Toolkit
+expressly disclaim all implied, express or statutory warranties
+including, without limitation, the implied warranties of
+merchantability, noninfringement of third party rights and fitness for
+a particular purpose. Neither the developers nor the distributors will
+be liable for damages, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental,
+or consequential, as a result of the reproduction, modification,
+distribution or other use of the TWAIN Toolkit.