AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2015-08-31make-exherbo-stages: Fix PATHjenkinsAvatar Wulf C. Krueger -1/+1
2015-08-31make-exherbo-stages: Make sure alternatives with the highest importance are s...Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -0/+3
2015-08-31make-exherbo-stages: Make sure stages get installed/updated in / and chroot.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -0/+3
2015-08-31make-exherbo-stages: Make sure slash.conf can be installed to.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -0/+2
2015-08-31make-exherbo-stages: The hardlink fetcher is not being used currently.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -25/+25
2015-08-31Disable GCC 4.7 in nightlies.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -2/+2
2015-08-31greenrd-java has been buriedAvatar Kylie McClain -2/+0
2015-08-31exherbo-unofficial: ::rorgoroth moved to bitbucketAvatar Kylie McClain -1/+1
2015-08-31make-exherbo-stages: use https for initial repositoriesAvatar Kylie McClain -5/+5
2015-08-31bury ::denknAvatar Marc-Antoine Perennou -2/+0
2015-08-31Revert "Local distfiles.e.o modifications"Avatar Kylie McClain -4/+3
2015-08-31Local distfiles.e.o modificationsAvatar Kylie McClain -3/+4
2015-08-31run_accerso: log outputAvatar Kylie McClain -0/+2
2015-08-31run_accerson: allow for setting config variables from environmentAvatar Kylie McClain -6/+6
2015-08-31run_accerso: styleAvatar Kylie McClain -2/+2
2015-08-31run_accerso: whitespaceAvatar Kylie McClain -1/+1
2015-08-31drop ::drayevargAvatar Marc-Antoine Perennou -2/+0
2015-08-31make-exherbo-stages: Disable more testsAvatar Wulf C. Krueger -1/+2
2015-08-31make-exherbo-stages: remove package_unmask entry since paludis[~scm] is unmas...Avatar Kylie McClain -3/+0
2015-08-31remove ::muep, unmaintained and owner didn't respond to a month's noticeAvatar Kylie McClain -2/+0
2015-08-31mailmap: add myselfAvatar Kylie McClain -0/+1
2015-08-31infra-scripts: use https for all official and dev reposAvatar Kylie McClain -57/+57
2015-08-31remove ::impulze, unmaintained and did not respond to attempts to contactAvatar Kylie McClain -2/+0
2015-08-31add ::somasis to list of excluded repos for unavailable-unofficialAvatar Kylie McClain -2/+2
2015-08-31::somasis is now a dev repoAvatar Kylie McClain -2/+3
2015-08-31add ::bikeshedAvatar Benedikt Morbach -1/+4
2015-08-31adjust better to current nightlies builderAvatar Kim Højgaard-Hansen -1/+1
2015-08-31also build with GCC 4.9Avatar Kim Højgaard-Hansen -1/+1
2015-08-31Fetch layman file using HTTPSAvatar David Leverton -2/+2
2015-08-31Rename ::cimv2 to ::medvidAvatar Volodymyr Medvid -1/+1
2015-08-31Move ::lxde-unofficial to githubAvatar Ingmar Vanhassel -1/+1
2015-08-31OH FAILAvatar David Leverton -1/+1
2015-08-31Don't a splode if ::gentoo is in the layman fileAvatar David Leverton -0/+1
2015-08-31Move ::exhereses-cn to githubAvatar Hong Hao -1/+1
2015-08-31rorgoroth: move to githubAvatar Kylie McClain -1/+1
2015-08-31Move ::flocke to GitHub.Avatar Jakob Nixdorf -1/+1
2015-08-31Add missing official repositories to exclude list of unavailable-unofficial.Avatar Bo Ørsted Andresen -5/+6
2015-08-31Add ::cinnamon-unofficial to ::u-uAvatar Pierre Lejeune -0/+2
2015-05-12make-exherbo-stages: Fix *FLAGSAvatar Wulf C. Krueger -8/+8
2015-05-12make-exherbo-stages: Rebuild some volatile packagesAvatar Wulf C. Krueger -0/+1
2015-05-12make-exherbo-stages: Newline for readabilityAvatar Wulf C. Krueger -0/+1
2015-05-12make-exherbo-stages: Perl dislikes being built with j>1 on JenkinsAvatar Wulf C. Krueger -0/+1
2015-05-12make-exherbo-stages: Remove stray EOFAvatar Wulf C. Krueger -1/+0
2015-05-12make-exherbo-stages: Avoid pulling in libgfortranAvatar Wulf C. Krueger -0/+1
2015-05-12make-exherbo-stages: Fix native cross configAvatar Wulf C. Krueger -3/+3
2015-05-12make-exherbo-stages: Update paths for crossAvatar Wulf C. Krueger -4/+3
2015-05-12make-exherbo-stages: Use our standard *FLAGSAvatar Wulf C. Krueger -6/+10
2015-05-12make-exherbo-stages: Introduce and use CROSS_HOSTAvatar Wulf C. Krueger -9/+22
2015-04-17MultiarchAvatar Wulf C. Krueger -57/+35
2015-04-06make-exherbo-stages: Update envAvatar Wulf C. Krueger -0/+3