BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masteriucode-tool: version bump to 2.2Avatar Timo Gurr 8 days
pre-crosspre-cross.tar.gz  pre-cross.tar.xz  Avatar Thomas Anderson 3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorLines
8 daysiucode-tool: version bump to 2.2HEADmasterAvatar Timo Gurr -0/+0
8 dayslinux-firmware: use https for the git checkoutAvatar Timo Gurr -1/+1
9 dayssys-power/cpupowerutils: version bump to 4.13Avatar Rasmus Thomsen -0/+0
10 dayssc-controller: version bump to 0.3.15Avatar Timo Gurr -0/+0
10 daysfwupd: version bump to 1.0.0Avatar Timo Gurr -2/+5
2017-09-24nvidia-drivers: version bump to 340.104 (legacy release: GeForce 8 and 9)Avatar Timo Gurr -0/+0
2017-09-24nvidia-drivers: version bump to 384.90 (long-lived branch and official)Avatar Timo Gurr -0/+0
2017-09-24nvidia-drivers: bump to 384.69Avatar Calvin Walton -0/+0
2017-09-24nvidia-drivers: add nvidia-drm moduleAvatar Mykola Orliuk -0/+4
2017-09-14bluez: version bump to 5.47Avatar Gurr Timo -37/+13