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## Installing
### Kernel Configuration
-You have to run a Linux kernel \>=2.6.39. You should run a Linux kernel
-\>=3.8 (Kernel version \>= 3.8 is required for Smack support). The new
-kernel is only needed at runtime, not for building systemd. Kernel
-options for systemd: cf. systemd's README, here's an excerpt:
+You have to run a Linux kernel \>=3.13. For unified cgroup hierachy
+support you'll need \>=4.2. The new kernel is only needed at runtime,
+not for building systemd (Note: The current iptables (1.6.2) in our
+stage tarballs requires \>=4.4). Kernel options for systemd: cf.
+systemd's README, here's an excerpt:
CONFIG_CGROUPS (it's OK to disable all controllers)