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Update fix-linkage TODO.
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@@ -90,13 +90,16 @@ doesn't complain about that.
zlin | my reasoning too
ciaranm | in which case we have another reason cross isn't ready to merge
-### considering wrong installed package for fix-linkage
+### fix-linkage -- -mx or fix-linkage -- -4 i686-pc-linux-gnu behaves funny
-If a package is installed on host and on cross with broken linkage for the
-cross version, but correct linkage for the host version, then cave fix-linkage
-will keep reinstalling the host version of that package.
+cave fix-linkage -- -4 i686-pc-linux-gnu checks what's broken on cross and then
+reinstalls the default version. This should just ignore -4 because there's no
+-mx and thus check what's broken on default and reinstall that.
-Should only check the ones in the selected destination for the package.
+cave fix-linkage -- -mx checks what's broken on default and then builds it on
+cross. this requires there being only one cross target to pick from in order to
+reproduce the problem. therefore it should check what's broken on that target
+and rebuild that.
### Per target options