BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masteraws-sdk-cpp: bump to 1.8.7Avatar Markus Rothe 23 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorLines
23 hoursaws-sdk-cpp: bump to 1.8.7HEADmasterAvatar Markus Rothe -0/+0
5 daysaws-sdk-cpp: bump to 1.8.4Avatar Markus Rothe -0/+0
11 daysaws-sdk-cpp: bump to 1.8.1Avatar Markus Rothe -0/+0
11 daysaws-checksums: bump to 0.1.7Avatar Markus Rothe -0/+0
11 daysaws-c-common: bump to 0.4.48Avatar Markus Rothe -0/+0
2020-05-13aws-sdk-cpp: bump to 1.7.333Avatar Markus Rothe -0/+0
2020-05-13aws-c-common: bump to 0.4.42Avatar Markus Rothe -0/+0
2020-05-07aws-sdk-cpp: bump to 1.7.329Avatar Markus Rothe -0/+0
2020-05-07aws-c-common: bump to 0.4.41Avatar Markus Rothe -0/+0
2020-05-04aws-lambda-cpp: add dependency on libdw from elfutilsAvatar Markus Rothe -0/+1