AgeCommit message (Collapse)AuthorLines
11 daysnextcloudclient: bump to 2.5.2HEADmasterAvatar Kevin Decherf -51/+5
Signed-off-by: Kevin Decherf <>
2019-04-05vscode-bin: bump versionĀ 1.33.0Avatar Cedric CORBIERE -0/+0
2019-03-20synergy: bump to 1.10.1Avatar Mykola Orliuk -193/+53
This fixes OpenSSL 1.1 incompatibility
2019-03-16vscode-bin: bump version to 1.32.3Avatar Cedric CORBIERE -0/+0
2019-03-14vscode: bump version to 3.32.2Avatar Cedric CORBIERE -0/+0
2019-03-12atom-bin: version bump to 1.35.0Avatar Timo Gurr -0/+0
2019-03-07vscode-bin: version bump to 1.31.1Avatar Cedric CORBIERE -0/+1
2019-03-05zfs: version bump to 0.7.13Avatar Timo Gurr -1/+1
Tested with Kernel 5.0.
2019-03-05spl: version bump to 0.7.13Avatar Timo Gurr -1/+1
2019-03-03getdns: remove dependency on unbound with 'stub-only' optionAvatar Tom Briden -1/+6
2019-02-21unbound: version bump to 1.9.0Avatar Timo Gurr -0/+0
2019-02-02google-chrome-bin: version bump to 72.0.3626.81Avatar Alexander Kapshuna -0/+0
2019-02-01bolt: move to ::desktopAvatar Marc-Antoine Perennou -193/+0
Signed-off-by: Marc-Antoine Perennou <>
2019-01-23getdns: libidn2 is slotted nowAvatar Heiko Becker -1/+1
2019-01-22playerctl: Don't require an older meson version than meson.exlibAvatar Heiko Becker -1/+1
2019-01-12vscode-bin: version bump to 1.30.2Avatar Cedric CORBIERE -0/+0
2019-01-09atom-bin: version bump to 1.34.0Avatar Timo Gurr -0/+0
2019-01-03getdns: version bump to 1.5.0Avatar Timo Gurr -7/+7
2019-01-03unbound: version bump to 1.8.3Avatar Timo Gurr -0/+0
2019-01-03zfs: version bump to 0.7.12Avatar Timo Gurr -1/+1
2019-01-03spl: version bump to 0.7.12Avatar Timo Gurr -1/+1
2018-12-29vscode-bin: version bump to 1.30.1Avatar Cedric CORBIERE -0/+0
2018-12-27apparmor: version bump to 2.13.2Avatar Timo Gurr -1/+1
2018-12-20atom-bin: version bump to 1.33.1Avatar Timo Gurr -0/+0
2018-12-13catch: version bump to 2.5.0Avatar Timo Gurr -24/+35
2018-12-10google-chrome-bin: version bump to 71.0.3578.80Avatar Alexander Kapshuna -3/+4
2018-12-06unbound: version bump to 1.8.2Avatar Timo Gurr -23/+23
Use upstream systemd service and socket files.
2018-11-30vscode-bin: version bump to 1.29.1Avatar Cedric CORBIERE -0/+0
2018-11-29adapta-gtk-theme: version bump to Timo Gurr -0/+0
2018-11-29atom-bin: version bump to 1.33.0Avatar Timo Gurr -0/+0
2018-11-12vscode-bin: version bump to 1.29.0Avatar Cedric CORBIERE -0/+0
2018-11-12vscode-bin: version bump to 1.28.2Avatar Cedric CORBIERE -0/+0
2018-11-12atom-bin: version bump to 1.32.2Avatar Timo Gurr -1/+5
2018-11-07zfs: version bump to 0.7.11Avatar Timo Gurr -13/+17
Tested with Kernel 4.18.17.
2018-11-07spl: version bump to 0.7.11Avatar Timo Gurr -12/+14
2018-10-30apparmor: version bump to 2.13.1Avatar Timo Gurr -17/+21
2018-10-24range: Bump to 0.4.0Avatar Marvin Schmidt -7/+19
- handle RANGE_V3_DOC and RANGE_V3_TESTS options - remove git dependency as it only conditionally enables doc targets to update the github pages
2018-10-18google-chrome-bin: version bump to 70.0.3538.67Avatar Alexander Kapshuna -0/+0
2018-10-15vscode: bump version to 1.28.1Avatar Cedric CORBIERE -0/+0
2018-09-28adapta-gtk-theme: version bump to Timo Gurr -1/+5
2018-09-25google-chrome-bin: version bump to 69.0.3497.100Avatar Alexander Kapshuna -0/+0
2018-09-24vscode-bin: version bump to 1.27.2Avatar Cedric CORBIERE -0/+0
2018-09-20lutris: ::cogitri -> ::gamesAvatar Timo Gurr -48/+0
2018-09-17bolt: actually apply patch...Avatar Rasmus Thomsen -0/+1
2018-09-16bolt: fix build with glib[>=2.58]Avatar Rasmus Thomsen -0/+32
2018-08-30libratbag: fix testsAvatar Rasmus Thomsen -1/+13
2018-08-30libratbag: add missing dependenciesAvatar Rasmus Thomsen -0/+2
2018-08-30libratbag: allow building with elogindAvatar Rasmus Thomsen -4/+197
2018-08-30atom-bin: version bump to 1.30.0Avatar Rasmus Thomsen -1/+4
2018-08-30nextcloud: version bump to 13.0.6Avatar Rasmus Thomsen -0/+0