arbor.gitArbor.Git SCM9 hours
desktop.gitMisc desktop applicationsGit SCM21 hours
emacs.gitEmacs packages.Git SCM6 months
enlightenment.gitPackages related to the Enlightenment desktop environmentGit SCM7 days
games.gitVarious gamesGit SCM30 hours
gnome.gitGNOME.Git SCM24 hours
gstreamer.gitgstreamer related packages. Deprecated in favour of media.git.Git SCM11 months
hardware.gitStuff that is hard.Git SCM28 hours
haskell.gitGHC, haskell libraries, darcs, xmonad, ...Git SCM3 months
java.gitJava packagesGit SCM2 days
kde.gitKDE supplemental repository.Git SCM24 hours
lisp.gitLisp related packages.Git SCM3 months
media.gitVarious multimedia exhereses.Git SCM119 min.
mono.gitMono.Git SCM28 hours
mozilla.gitFirefox and required deps. Deprecated in favour of desktop.git.Git SCM11 months
net.gitNetwork- and www-related applications and libraries.Git SCM24 hours
office.gitOffice-related packages.Git SCM8 days
perl.gitThe Perl team's supplemental repository.Git SCM23 hours
php.gitWeb 'development' for idiotsGit SCM3 months
python.gitPython packages.Git SCM8 hours
ruby.gitRuby packages.Git SCM2 months
scientific.gitVarious scientific exhereses.Git SCM12 days
selinux.gitSecurity Enhanced Linux packages.Git SCM11 months
tcl.gitThis repository contains tcl packagesGit SCM10 months
texlive.gitTeXlive packagesGit SCM10 days
vim.gitPackages for the text editorGit SCM5 months
virtualization.gitVirtualization & emulation packages.Git SCM28 hours supplemental repository.Git SCM24 hours
xfce.gitXFCE supplemental repository.Git SCM8 days
Exheres dev
dev/alip.gitAlip's supplemental repository.Git SCM13 days
dev/arkanoid.gitArkanoid's general store o' crapGit SCM6 months
dev/berniyh.gitBernd Steinhauser's supplemental repository.Git SCM7 months
dev/ciaranm.gitCiaran's supplemental repository.Git SCM8 months
dev/compnerd.gitCompnerd's supplemental repository.Git SCM4 days
dev/dleverton.gitDavid Leverton's supplemental repository.Git SCM10 months
dev/ferdy.gitFernando J. Pereda's supplemental repository.Git SCM3 months
dev/heirecka.gitHeiko Becker's supplemental repository.Git SCM6 days
dev/ingmar.gitIngmar Vanhassel's supplemental repository.Git SCM4 min.
dev/keruspe.gitKeruspe's dev repository.Git SCM10 days
dev/kimrhh.gitKim's supplemental repository.Git SCM9 months
dev/marv.gitMarvin Schmidt's supplemental repository.Git SCM2 months
dev/mixi.gitJohannes Nixdorf's supplemental repository.Git SCM6 days
dev/moben.gitBenedikt Morbach's supplemental repository.Git SCM2 months
dev/mrothe.gitMarkus Rothe's supplemental repository.Git SCM11 days
dev/philantrop.gitWulf C. Krueger's supplemental repository.Git SCM29 hours
dev/pioto.gitMike Kelly's supplemental repository.Git SCM13 days
dev/pipping.gitElias Pipping's supplemental repository.Git SCM13 days
dev/rbrown.gitRichard Brown's supplemental repository.Git SCM10 months
dev/replica.gitSterling X. Winter's supplemental repository.Git SCM5 months
dev/sejo.gitJochen Maes's supplemental repository.Git SCM3 months
dev/sepek.gitPaul Seidler's supplemental repository.Git SCM3 months
dev/spbecker.gitDr. Stephen P. Becker's supplemental repository.Git SCM5 weeks
dev/spoonb.gitBrett Witherspoon's supplemental repository.Git SCM10 months
dev/tanderson.gitThomas Anderson's supplemental repository.Git SCM3 weeks
dev/tridactyla.gitMichael Forney's exherbo repository.Git SCM4 days
dev/woutershep.gitWouter van Kesteren's supplemental repository.Git SCM10 months
dev/zlin.gitBo ├śrsted Andresen's supplemental repository.Git SCM10 months
annie.gitSome replacements for sysvinit programs.Git SCM11 months
dexter.gitA script for burying packages and repositoriesGit SCM11 months
docs.gitExherbo documentation.Git SCM26 hours
e4r.gitA script to cripple Vim so we can ship it as the only default editorGit SCM10 months
eclectic.gitModular -config replacement utility.Git SCM7 months
exherbo-dev-tools.gitScripts, snippets or tools helpful for working on packagesGit SCM4 months
exherbo.gitMiscellaneous Exherbo-related ressources (logos, scripts, documents).Git SCM11 months
exheres-mode.gitEmacs mode for exheres-0, exlibs.Git SCM8 months
exheres-syntax.gitVim syntax files for exheres-0, exlibs.Git SCM11 months
genesis.gitShiny new init-system.Git SCM11 months
git-hooks.gitGit hooks in use on our infrastructure.Git SCM10 months
gitolite-admin.gitGitolite admin repo.Git SCM6 months
graveyard.gitDead packagesGit SCM5 days
infra-scripts.gitVarious scripts in use on our infrastructure.Git SCM3 weeks
infra/hacchi.gitIRC Patch-tracking botGit SCM11 months
inops.gitPaludis commit client.Git SCM11 months
pinktrace-1.gitpink's tracing library.Git SCM3 months
planet.gitplanet templates and configs.Git SCM11 months
rightstart.gitUpstart scripts.Git SCM11 months
skeleton-filesystem-layout-base-etc.gitBase /etc files for skeleton-filesystem-layoutGit SCM11 months
summer.gitStatically Updated Metadata Manifestation for exherbo RepositoriesGit SCM5 months
sydbox-1.gitPtrace-based Sandbox.Git SCM3 months
sydbox.gitPtrace-based Sandbox.Git SCM10 months
unwritten.gitPackages we haven't written yetGit SCM8 hours
www.githttp://www.exherbo.orgGit SCM5 months
paludis/paludis-scripts.gitMiscellaneous scripts related to Paludis.Git SCM8 days
paludis/paludis.gitPaludis, the other package mangler.Git SCM5 days